"The key to artificial intelligence has always been representation"

frequently askedquestions

Do I have to know something about Artificial Intelligence to operate the Forex Artilect?

No, we do all the AI stuff.

How often the Forex Artilect trades?

It will trade the trend therefore, it's NOT a frequent trader.

How many trades does Forex Artilect opens at the same time?

It will depend on the market conditions.

Forex Artilect uses martingale, grid or hedging strategies?


Is Forex Artilect compliant with NFA FIFO rules of US brokers?


Monthly subscription fee or one time fee?

You can try out for FREE, after the FREE trial, it's monthly subscription.

How many accounts (Real and Demo) can I trade with one subscription?

One real account and one demo account.

Do you provide the actual EA or it's a signal service?

Since the Metaquotes Language (MQL) is not capable to create, develop or execute machine learning models, it's required to use third party advanced statistical analysis software to actually devise a real AI trading system. Given this reason we are not able to provide the EA, only signals.

Can I perform back-tests with the file that I receive after the purchase?

As the logic of operation is not contained within this file, you are unable to execute back-tests, you can only forward-test.

What does "artilect" means?

An Artificial Intellect.

Can I test this service on a Demo first before I decide to buy it?

Yes, you can.

Upgrades are free?


Do you offer refunds?

Yes, as specified in our Terms and Conditions.

Do you provide support?

24/7 support. Customer support is able to provide Skype chats groups if that is required.

Does Forex Artilect uses Arbitrage in any form?


Which is the minimum starting balance?

We suggest to start with at least $500.

Can I use Forex Artilect with any broker?

Yes, as long as it's a MT4 broker. We suggest an ECN Broker with tight spreads. We do not suggest or run our test accounts in any "exotic" brokers.

Is Forex Artilect a scalper?


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